What is EduPaths?

EduPaths is a FREE professional development portal for ALL Michigan Educators. EduPaths courses are designed to expand understanding on a wide variety of topics and help educators share best practices. Courses are available online and are completely self-paced and intended to help educators personalize their own learning plan anytime and anywhere.

View the video below for an overview of the EduPaths website, including registering for an account, searching for and enrolling in courses, and accessing your EduPaths transcript.

EduPaths Welcome Video.

Who can access it?

EduPaths is FREE for any educator, childcare provider, administrator, pre-service teacher, or individual that works for an educational entity in the state of Michigan.

What are the benefits?

Benefits for educators:

Benefits for districts and administrators:

What makes it unique from other online course sites?

What does it mean for me?

Identifying professional learning opportunities is a difficult task. The goal of EduPaths is to help educators navigate and locate professional learning opportunities within EduPaths as well as additional online, blended, and in-person opportunities throughout the state. EduPaths will also provide SCECHs for course completion. This means maximizing your time and money from the comfort of your house or classroom!

How are courses developed?

Courses are developed in a variety of ways:

Who can develop courses?

We are looking for educators as well as organizations that understand the needs and interests of educators. The EduPaths team of content creators is available to work with possible content creators. If you are interested in creating content for EduPaths, reach out to the EduPaths team through the Support page to let us know you are interested. Include your contact information and areas of expertise and we will contact you if a need arises.

How can I suggest a course?

EduPaths is looking for your feedback and suggestions! There are multiple ways to suggest a course:

  1. Each course has its own unique evaluation. If you see a need to be addressed, would like a course in greater depth, or notice a topic that is missing, please let us know via the evaluation.
  2. The Support page allows users to leave us a message with suggestions for future content.

How can I provide feedback about courses?

Feedback can be provided through EduPaths by accessing the Support page.

How do I navigate EduPaths courses?

Once enrolled in an EduPaths course, you will navigate the course in Canvas, the learning management system. View the video below for an overview of how to navigate the courses.

EduPaths Course Navigation Video

How can I access my transcripts?

Users can easily access and print their transcripts within EduPaths on the Transcripts page. Transcripts will provide information on courses users are enrolled in, progress in each course, if courses are available for continuing education hours (SCECHs), and course completion date. Transcripts can be downloaded in PDF and spreadsheet formats.

Are all EduPaths courses eligible for SCECHs?

The majority of EduPaths courses are available for SCECHs. When doing a search for courses, those available for SCECHs will have a clock icon in the lower left corner of the course description box. Each course description lists if SCECHs are offered, as well as the duration of the course. Each hour of work is equivalent to 1 SCECH. SCECHs are awarded in 15 minute intervals.

How do I apply for SCECHs?

The process of applying for SCECHs is connected to completion of courses and the WorkLog.

What is the process to receive SCECHs for EduPaths courses?

To earn SCECHs for EduPaths courses, the following process is as follows:

  1. The user / educator completes the course(s) at EduPaths.
  2. The user / educator completes and submits the EduPaths WorkLog and Transcript to EduPaths. (See How do I apply for SCECHs?)
  3. The WorkLog is reviewed by the EduPaths team to make sure users met module and time requirements for each course. EduPaths sends communication to the user / educator on courses that were approved and / or denied along with a Verification Form.
  4. The user/educator completes and returns the Verification Form to EduPaths.
  5. EduPaths/Genesee ISD submits the completed Verification Form to the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).
  6. MOECS contacts the user/educator to complete a survey.
  7. SCECHs appear in MOECS.

How do I use EduPaths for DPPD?

EduPaths may be used by districts to allow building administrators to differentiate professional learning opportunities for District Provided Professional Development (DPPD). The documents below can help districts get started.

How long are EduPaths courses?

EduPaths courses are self-paced and bite sized, averaging around an hour in length. The majority of EduPaths courses range from 15-90 minutes. Remember educators can start/stop a course as often as they like. You can find the length of each course on the course details page or by using the EduPaths Pathways Planning Document.


Confirming your EduPaths account

If your EduPaths account was created by your state or district, you will need to confirm your account before you can access the full EduPaths site.

EduPaths Pathways Planning Document

The EduPaths Pathways Planning Document can be used to chart your professional goals as you consider your learning in EduPaths.


The process of applying for SCECHs is connected to completion of courses and the Work Log.


EduPaths may be used by districts to allow building administrators to differentiate professional learning opportunities for District Provided Professional Development (DPPD).

PIC Number

Your Personal Identification Code (PIC) number is required for all programs that offer SCECHs. This needs to be included on your Work Log.

EduPaths course lists

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My transcript

Interested in printing your transcript or seeing your progress in courses you are enrolled in? Access "My Transcript" under your username.


Have you created an account in EduPaths, but do not recall your password? Are you interested in changing your password for security purposes?