Cybersecurity for Educators - How to Become a Human Firewall - Part 2

Welcome to the METL task force course, Cybersecurity for Educators - Part 2 - How to become a Human Firewall. In the lessons for both courses, Part 1 and Part 2, we will be covering what every school employee should know about cybersecurity, both personally as well as in the classroom. Michigan Education Technology Leaders (METL) consists primarily of ISD/ESA/RESA senior technology leaders from across the state. The idea behind METL is how to organize and align our collective efforts to work both on issues that we all hold in common and also those larger, transformative, statewide, and systemic issues. These courses, designed by the METL Cybersecurity task force, will help prepare you to be able to identify major weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and risks to cybersecurity. This will include not only your home devices and systems, but those of your students in your classrooms and in remote learning environments. After completing these courses, you will be able to recognize the major vulnerabilities and risks and be able to describe how to avoid the most common and dangerous examples.
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