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Accessible Materials Made Right #7: Develop Your Plan Version 3

This course is an update from previous versions as it shares more examples from the field and walks you through a series of questions to consider as you, your district, or organization plan for digital accessibility. As you contemplate the number of documents you develop, several areas need to be approached. From assembling a team, to reviewing resources, to revising resources, to clarifying future resource development, the approach you take needs to include defined goals and timelines that are reasonable to achieve and that move you/your organization forward. If you are working as part of a team or organization, those goals and timelines should also reflect input from the group to increase shared ownership and accountability. The purpose of the Accessible Materials Made Right series is to increase awareness of what makes digital content accessible and why it really matters, and to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to begin creating accessible documents. This series will focus on using intentional planning and design to help people who would not otherwise be able to access electronic content.

15 minutes
Credit Eligible
20 ratings
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