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How do I mark a course complete?

When a user has achieved the completion criteria (activity time and module completion) for a course but does NOT have a PIC # in the system, the Dashboard will provide an option to Mark a Course Complete.

Q: What is the benefit of marking a course complete?

  • When a course is marked complete, it shows up in the completed section of the Transcript.

Q: If I mark a course complete, can I still access the content & resources?

  • YES


What criteria must be met to apply for SCECH credit?

Currently, educators must have a PIC # must be added to the EduPaths system. Click your profile name in the top right corner, and select My Profile, enter your PIC # and click Submit.

Course Criteria:

  1. Course Requirements ➡️ on the Dashboard, course requirements must be 100% complete.

  2. Course Time ➡️ on the Dashboard, course activity time must be 85% or more than the estimated duration. For example, a 60-minute course will need at least 51 minutes of activity time. The system automatically tracks your activity time. If you need to increase any activity time, feel free to explore the course further.

Once you have the above criteria complete, the system will enable a Request Credit button that allows you to request SCECH, DPPD, Counselor, or Other.

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