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What do the options for Request Credit mean?

From the Dashboard page, educators can Request Credit for a course. Currently, EduPaths has four (4) options educators can select. By requesting credit, a course is marked complete in the system.

Request Credit (select from the following):

  • SCECH (General)

  • School Counselor (Career Exploration SCECHs)

  • DPPD (District Provided Professional Development)

  • Other

    • Selecting Other will mark the course complete and show a completion date on the transcript. ▶️ If you want to see this in action, please review this brief screencast.

For out-of-state users, selecting Other can be used to mark courses complete and allow you to leverage the Transcript for proof of learning.

How can I demonstrate proof of learning?

Although many educators visit EduPaths to submit courses for credit, some may also need to leverage the Dashboard and Transcript as proof of learning to an administrator, district, or organization (such as MiMTSS).

Please review the article (What do the options for Request Credit mean?) to learn how to make sure courses are marked complete.

Dashboard - capture a screenshot

  • It might be beneficial to capture a screenshot of your Dashboard showing courses, requirements complete, activity time, etc. Depending on your device, the screenshot process might be a bit different. Please explore for specific screenshot steps.

Transcript - export PDF

  • It might be beneficial to export your Transcript PDF showing all coursework, completion dates, etc. On the Dashboard, educators can click the Transcript PDF button and print OR save the PDF.

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